Sheila Rollins


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Hi there! I am a married, homeschooling mom of 5 children. I have always been into the "crunchy" lifestyle, and oils were the next logical step for me and my family.

Three and a half years ago, the couponing blog that I followed ran a starter kit special, and I took the plunge. At the time, I was looking for natural alternatives to support my young daughter's skin. Not only did I find solutions to help her, but found ways to help the whole family! We now enjoy better breathing, better sleep, and more grounded emotions, thanks to these wonderful little bottles of oil.

From there I have joined a community of people who, just like me, aren't experts, but are empowered to make their health and wellness a priority in their life. I am thrilled to have healthy options to support my body and tools to get the bad chemicals out of my home! Truly, these oils have changed our lives, and now I can't stop sharing their amazing goodness with others!

Come join us!