Kaley Keith


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Three years ago I was desperate for sleep! As a mom of young kids (who have never been good sleepers) and a teacher, I was exhausted. I kept finding essential oils in the blogs I was reading, and when I mentioned them to a friend, I found out about Young Living! I went to her class and realized oils were exactly what I wanted for my family.

I now feel so empowered to take care of my family. Through lots and lots of research, I have found “there’s an oil for that!” to be a true statement. I can help my kids feel better with many of their issues, both health and emotional, without needing to run to the pharmacy every time one of them feels bad.

There are too many ways to list that oils have helped me in my life, not only for my family but for myself. I would love to share more of those ways if you are ready to start a new adventure in oils and healthy living!