Jennifer Nolte


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Hey everyone! A few years ago I was a mom mess. I was on a terrible emotional roller coaster and the doctors started talking to us about our oldest being on the Autism spectrum. I came to realize that our life had to change. I started researching anything I could find on how to get us healthier.

At this time a really good friend shared with me her story with Young Living Essential Oils. I now know that God placed her in my life at that exact moment for a reason. I jumped on board and haven’t looked back since!

Like everyone says, I never had any intention to share or sell these oils, it just happened. I couldn’t stop talking to anyone who would listen about how grateful I was to be off my roller coaster. And more importantly the balance and happiness my daughter was finding in life.

There is never a better investment you could make than to ensure your children can have a natural, healthy childhood!